1000 Largest Companies of Ukraine by Income in 2020

The Ukrainian 1000 largest companies remain a source of strength and stability. According to the most recent data, these companies have a combined annual income of over $200 billion, making them some of the most profitable enterprises in the region. This article looks closely at the 1000 largest companies of Ukraine by income in 2020. We will explore the sectors they are involved in and the trends that have enabled them to succeed.

The potential for wealth lies in places where natural resources are available

The first thousand companies generate about 50-55% of the revenue of all Ukrainian enterprises. They conduct a wide range of economic activities. The most represented sectors of the economy in the ranking are as follows: food industry (143 companies), oil and gas sector (118), power engineering (83), agriculture (77), retail (66) and metallurgy (64).

The same industries are the most represented in the TOP 1000 companies by total net income, but in a slightly different order: oil and gas sector (797 bln UAH, which makes 15,9% of total income of the TOP 1000), metallurgy (13,3%), power engineering (12,1%), retail (10,4%), food industry (8,6%), agriculture (7,6%).

Such sectors as metallurgy, transport and logistics, pharmaceutics and tobacco production, despite a relatively lower number of large companies in the first thousand, generate significantly higher income levels per enterprise. The basis of big business in Ukraine still is the industries that use mineral or land resources. Heavy industries (primarily metallurgy, oil and gas and power engineering), agricultural complex and food industry still determine Ukraine's sectoral profile and international specialisation.

Geography of the TOP 1000 companies in Ukraine

50,3% of big business by income is concentrated in Kyiv. Another 29% of income is generated by 27% of large enterprises from the TOP 1000, located in industrial centres: Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, Donetsk, Odesa and Kharkiv regions.

Lviv, Zaporizhzhia, Poltava and Cherkasy regions are next by the number of companies from the TOP 1000 and their contribution to total income. The smallest number of large companies is registered in Luhansk (6), Kherson (5) and Chernivtsi (3) regions.

Such a geographical structure of the TOP 1000 indicates that by the concentration of production and trade in megapolises, Ukraine belongs to developing countries.

How to analyse a market independently?

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