Who in Great Britain still cooperates with Russia?

In the wake of the breakdown in relations with russia, many questions have been raised about who is still cooperating with the former "superpower". Whilst the UK government has imposed sanctions on Russia, many people in the UK have maintained ties with Russia. The YouControl analytics conducted a big study to analyze the activity of russian entities in the British market and the expansion of russian businesses within the UK stock market. Researchers established the amount of UK organizations with russian proprietors, the region of their subsidiaries, and the area of their operations. The results of the study are revealed in the new research.

Key findings:

  • Russian owners have almost 11.3 thousand companies in the UK.
  • Over half of Russian companies are in London.
  • Russian business in the UK is most represented in IT, business services and retail.
  • Among all shareholders of Russian companies in the UK, 95% have Russian citizenship. At the same time, only half of the Russian owners of British companies live in Russia.
  • The total number of Russian business companies whose founders are British residents is 2,370 legal entities.
  • British subsidiaries in Russia often serve as a cover for international financial flows leading to Russian owners.
  • HSBC Holdings, Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Linde, Legal & General Group, and LyondellBasell Industries are companies headquartered in the UK and support cooperation with Russia.
  • The largest share of British capital in Russia is represented in construction, wholesale trade, real estate operations, transport, logistics, and IT.
  • Most companies with nominal British owners are concentrated in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • Three British companies, nominal owners of Russian assets from the Top 20, turned out to be controlled by Russians: Investitsionnaya Kompaniya DENMAR-FINANCE LLC; LADOGA Group LLC; BERKSHIRE, LLC.
  • Billionaires Pavel Durov and Yuri Milner, businesspeople of Russian origin, provided funds in the early stages to the car rental startup WHEELY LTD. with an office in London.
  • There are almost 5 times as many Russian companies in Britain as there are British companies in Russia.

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